Arriving to Ljubljana

By air

To get to Ljubljana, our headquarters and the place where a lot of our tours start, you can fly directly to Ljubljana airport or to any of nearby major hub (Venice, Zagreb, Trieste, Vienna, Munich).

You can check the following websites for online flight bookings:

By private transfer

From Venice, Trieste and Zagreb airports, we can arrange a private transfer for you. Please see the prices, if booking the transfer through us, in the chart:


Car (1-3 persons) - price for a car

Van (4-8 persons) - price for a van

Venice, Italy

260 €

310 €

Trieste, Italy

140 €

170 €

Zagreb, Croatia

160 €

200 €

By train or shuttle van

Alternatively, you can fly to Venice, Zagreb, Vienna or Munich and take a train or a shuttle van to Ljubljana. This is a good alternative if you would like to spend some time visiting these cities before or after the tour.

Venice, Italy (250km/150mi from Ljubljana)
The best way to get from Venice Airport to Ljubljana is a shuttle. The journey takes from 2 - 3 hours. Shuttle bus:  Nomago and Flixbus; or shuttle van: DRD and GoOpti

Nomago shuttle bus offers a direct line between Ljubljana and Venice Airport & Treviso Airport. It has 5 fixed daily departures that can be booked online or - if the shuttle is not full and seats are available - directly with the driver on the bus. 

DRD is a Slovenian Bus Line between Ljubljana and Venice Airport. Mestre is a town on the mainland next to Venice. DRD has a fixed schedule and price. 

GoOpti transfers combine a maximum number of people traveling in the same direction at similar times in one van. From April to October, they have around 10-15 departures daily. Departure times are not fixed.

Flixbus is a German long distance bus network operating in over thirty European countries. They offer comfortable and affordable bus travel, operating also between Ljubljana and Venice Airport & Mestre. They have a schedule with two departures daily from Venice airport.

Zagreb, Croatia (150km/90mi from Ljubljana)
GoOpti (see description above) operates shuttle transfers to Ljubljana.For connections by train please see Slovenian Railways website.

From Vienna (Austria) and Munich (Germany) you can reach Ljubljana by GoOpti shuttle. For train connections please see Slovenian Railways website and Germany Railways website

For more information on how to get to Ljubljana, please email us. We will be happy to send you detailed information based on your departure city and itinerary.

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